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Your church wedding

1. Where can we have our church wedding?

Your wedding ceremony can take place in the immediate vicinity of the Kloster Hornbach Hotel. Your choices include the St. Fabian’s Chapel, the St. Pirmin catholic church and the protestant Klosterkirche church right next to the hotel. The St. Fabian’s Chapel is located on the monastery’s premises; it is a 10 – 15 minute walk to the St. Pirmin catholic church in the township of Hornbach.

2. Who do we contact to set the date for our church wedding?

If your request only refers to a wedding ceremony and no further services of the Hotel Kloster Hornbach are desired, you should send the request directly to the registry office in the Verbandsgemeinde Zweibrücken Land. If you would like to have a reception on the monastery grounds following your wedding ceremony, or if you would like us to organize your entire wedding celebration, please contact our events team directly with your request:

Tel: +496338 91010-72
or +496338 91010-54
Fax: +49 6338 91010-89

3. Are we expected to have a member of the local clergy hold the service or are we free to choose the priest?

We recommend that you entrust your wedding ceremony to a priest of your choice whom you might know, who will speak your language and who can identify with your expectations.

4. What about decoration in the churches or in the St. Fabian’s chapel?

For your wedding ceremony in the churches and the St. Fabian´s chapel, candles are available in the wedding room. Of course, the decoration can be extended by you as you wish for an additional charge. Our event team will be happy to recommend florists we trust, who will coordinate the decoration with you according to your wishes.

5. What costs are involved in our church wedding?

If you plan to have your wedding ceremony at one of the two churches, please contact the relevant parish office for any financial aspects. If you decide that our event team should book the St. Fabian’s chapel for you, a rental fee of €225,00 will be applied.

Your wedding party

1. What are our options with respect to banquet rooms?

We have rooms of different sizes and configurations for you to choose from. Whether you plan an event with 100 guests or a small, intimate celebration: We are sure you will find an attractive option at the Kloster Hornbach Hotel. Here are the basic facts at a glance:

Room Size / qm Long table Banquet
HochZeit 125 50 100
DenkMal 85 30 55
Abtskapelle 30 20 -
Klostertafel 25 18 -
Gewächshaus in the herb garden 25 16 -
2. Will our wedding party incur a rental fee?

There is no rental fee if you celebrate in one of our restaurants. The only exception would be if you book our largest room “HochZeit” for a party of less than 55 guests or the room "DenkMal" with less than 20 guests. In this case we would need to charge for the difference at a rate of €30,00 per person.

3. Who takes care of the room’s decoration, and when can this be done?

We will be most happy to contribute a modest decoration including candle holders free of charge. To do your occasion justice, however, we would recommend that you contract a florist. This can be a partner we usually work with, or it can be a florist of your choice or anyone you designate. We will stand ready to support the decorating efforts in which case a fee of €45,00 per hour and staff person will be applied.

Our florists usually decorate the rooms on the day of the event. If the room’s bookings permit, the decoration can also be done the day before.

4. What can we expect with respect to catering costs for our wedding party? Do you offer flat-rate options?

The wedding parties at the Kloster Hornbach Hotel usually involve expenses for food and drink on the order of €120 to €140 per guest, starting with finger food at the reception and covering the entire event. Since you are most welcome to specify all details, the cost at your event can vary.

It has been our experience that preferences and expectations can vary greatly between individual bridal couples. „Just perfect“ means different things to different people. That is why we prefer an individual agreement on details resulting in a transparent and fair billing reflecting actual consumption.

We will, however, be happy to calculate a flat-rate offer for your event if you so prefer.

5. Where can our guests spend the night?

Our hotel has 48 rooms in total. Given that we need to be able to accommodate regular guests, we can make available up to 12 rooms for a larger event. In addition, we routinely cooperate with local partners offering room & board, many of which are within walking distance from our hotel. We are sure we can work out a solution for your accommodation needs.

6. What do we have to know concerning music, dancing and curfew regulations?

All our banquet rooms let you play music via their built in sound systems. You can play your own playlists from your smartphone, PC or tablet in our rooms „Säulenzimmer“, „HochZeit“ or „DenkMal“. Given the room layout, we recommend to involve a DJ in rooms „HochZeit“ (integrating the foyer as your dance floor) and „DenkMal“ (with a dance floor in the room).

Please note that you would be expected to occupy the six guest rooms respectively four guest rooms immediately above the „HochZeit“ and „DenkMal“ banquet rooms if you opt for live music. We would also preference rooms in our main building close to your event for your guests. That way you can enjoy your party while other guests can enjoy their sleep.

At the Kloster Hornbach Hotel, you can celebrate into the morning hours. Please note that we will need to include a ‚late night charge’ after 0:00 am. The charge is based on the number of guests going into the event and is specified in our general business terms.

7. Where can our guests park their cars?

There are parking spaces on the premises, along the street in front of the hotel as well as behind the main building. There are plenty of parking spaces available in the direct vicinity of our hotel.

8. Once we have decided on the Hotel Kloster Hornbach for our location, what happens then?

Once you have selected our hotel for your celebration, we will send you a confirmation and a banquet agreement covering all details including most importantly the set date and for instance the number of rooms you require. Please return a signed copy of this agreement to us within two weeks.

A down payment of 50 percent of the expected total charges formally completes your reservation.

Our experience shows that the details are best discussed and decided in a timeframe of four to twelve weeks ahead of your event – the earlier, the better. If you plan to integrate local service providers, we will coordinate your meetings with them at our hotel. We recommend to book external service providers as early as possible.

9. What are the details with respect to payment?

Following your event, we will send a bill per regular mail. We appreciate you settling the bill within 14 days. You are of course welcome to deposit additional down payments leading up to your event.

10. What happens if unforeseen circumstances require that we cancel our event?

You are free to cancel arrangements at no charge up to 180 days prior to your event. Within the 180 days, a cancellation fee applies as specified in our general business terms. To be on the safe side, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance for marriage celebrations.

11. Our guest list includes elderly people and children. Can you accommodate?

We are happy to welcome and host guests of all ages. Our banquet rooms „HochZeit“ and „DenkMal“ are located on the first floor with direct access by elevator. The same elevator goes to the basement floor where the restrooms are located. All other restaurants are on the ground floor involving merely small steps.

There is a separate baby-care room as well as a children’s restroom for our youngest guests. We have several highchairs available to accommodate youngsters at the table.

12. Is there a rental charge for the banquet room or rooms?

Generally, the use of the banquet rooms is included in your arrangement. One exception concerns our largest room “HochZeit” which is designed for a party of 55 guests or more.

If you opt for this room for a smaller party, we would need to charge for the difference at a rate of €30,00 per person.

After 0.00 am, a late night service charge applies, based on the number of guests going into your event:

Booked in advance

  • Up to 20 guests €120.00/hour
  • Up to 45 guests €165.00/hour
  • Exceeding 46 guests €195.00/hour
  • Exceeding 70 guests €230.00/hour

Booked spontaneously in the evening

  • Up to 20 guests €150.00/hour
  • Up to 45 guests €210.00/hour
  • Exceeding 46 guests €250.00/hour
  • Exceeding 70 guests €300.00/hour

You will make it easier for us to draw up the roster for your celebration if you have the necessary
Book at night hours in advance. Should the mood still be so good at this late hour,
If you wish to extend it again, the prices “spontaneously booked in the evening” apply.
The calculation is based on the number of persons booked in the banquet agreement.

It is our commitment to assure that your guests will be expertly served at all times.

13. Can we bring our own food or wine?

You are welcome to bring your own favorite wine. Our corkage fee is €26.50 per bottle of wine or sparkling wine, €37.50 per bottle of champagne. You can also bring your own wedding cake in which case a charge of €2.50 per plate is applied. Each additional cake is charged at €15.00.

Your contact person

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Lara Diener
& Marisca Schradt


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