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15 Themenzimmer breiten ihre Wohnwelten für Sie aus – sind Sie Musikliebhaber, Cineast, Genießer...?

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Kurzfristig freie Hochzeitstermine

Heiraten im Kloster Kurzfristig wieder frei gewordene Termine im Sommer

A unique setting

Historic environment, contemporary comfort

The Kloster Hornbach Hotel offers a unique blend of historic ambience,  contemporary design and modern convenience. Even before the first greeting, you and your guests will be treated to a warm, timeless welcome. Take a leisurely walk around, enjoy the view from the first floor gallery – and join the festivities:

  • A large and a mid-sized room, side by side: Our combined „HochZeit“ banquet rooms provide an ideal setting for a generous celebration with family and lots of friends, or for a reception, for instance, followed by dinner, for as many as 100 guests;
  • Our „DenkMal“ banquet room is best suited for a very generous and festive dining table shared by a party of 30. Opt for the more traditional banquet tables, and comfortably host just over 50 guests – for an anniversary celebration, for instance, or a select group of employees and colleagues;

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No matter what the occasion – check out our menu of fine food and wine for some inspiration.

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From flowers to photography

Many details contribute to a truly memorable celebration or party. At the Kloster Hornbach Hotel, we will gladly assist with the finer points or your planning, with the decoration and choice of flowers, for instance, or the selection of a suitable photographer for your event. We have listed some of the more obvious options for you below. But we stand ready to discuss these details in person with you to support you in your planning.